From a Glocal Community Gathering Space of Regenerative Vertical FairExchange to the Global Brain Application


In this article, I am proposing a strategy that supports gathering humanity around the purpose to end poverty, monetary slavery, and separation in the world through becoming part of a vertical community market- and solidarity space, where responsible consumers will direct-purchase regenerative goods from the global south without a middleman avoiding any capitalistic interaction! And from there to build the Global Brain Application that is connecting and organizing humanity, resources, and operating consciousness effectively.

The foreseen technology platform “Albaydar” (Arabic for the ancient threshing floor) will initially enable orders from each developing country to be bundled and delivered to a…

Note: This article is one of my series of articles on my FaceBook profile in Arabic and I have translated it for you.

One of the projects I am working on with many groups is with German scholars on a new structural project in which the factors that connect the human being to the simultaneous presence of the Spirit, which is based on old knowledge about energy (I-Ching), its types and its relationship with each other.

The chief scientist writes algorithms based on the science of “letter and number”, a code, software that transforms the structure into a program, an…

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Chasing the transformation engine to make collaboration and synergy viral and organic! A journey taking place since nearly two decades with me.
In January 2020 a new start took place along that goal, which I will document on medium. I wanted to test with series to see how it works to publish regular updates of my journey. But Medium refused publishing the series referring to the fact that I am not using Medium often. That’s why I am writing new article with the hope it get published.

As an archive form my previous work I have documented my recent projects…

First of all I would like to thank everyone I have met along 20 years journey which seems to reach destination, especially Michael Josefowicz who helped me in the last intellectual sprint.
The Seed is ripe now and ready to grow. It needs a drop of energy from each one of you. We don’t have to design the Global Brain Application or the core of the Matrix of Healing, Truth and Love described in my other article, but to use a scaffold integral collaboration formula which brings us there. …

within a journey to discover our true self and to unify humanity

Photo by Julián Gentilezza on Unsplash

We are there where our consciousness is!
Glocal; Human can think global and local, act local and global through the internet and prayers. We are a global community of communities seeking/lacking holistic collaboration ecology to work efficiently with maximum synergy on our challenges and missions all sizes. We are huge swarm of swarms which can act agile to serve anyone or any group of the swarm and serve our mother earth and all natures.
We are interconnected! Loops of concentric stories since the origin of the universe. But the majority…


It’s about 10 years now since a discussion on Global Mindshift Forum about “What is the Global Brain Application Seed?” ( Global Brain, a metaphor coined by Peter Russell). The idea was to think about a new Superorganism for the commons and collective of human r-evolution. The discussion attracted many great minds that time. We spend months chasing the answer and moved to a ning site to continue the marathon. We interned endless mazes. To be honest I was the one with minor background and knowledge in this run.

Nevertheless an inner call kept me thinking about that vision…


I was reading the above article about the Palestinian job crises to find out the analysis isn’t deep enough to show the special situation we have.

I am running an industrial facility in Jenin with 27 workers and there is much more to tell than in the article. It’s hell more complicated.

The political Schizophrenia we live on the ground is the driven force of the situation; state/stateless , free economy/ voll dependence on Israel, democracy/elite wealth-authority , law/no law application , justice issue/ corruption, national struggle /division and refusal of national leadership .. the list is longer. …

Wael AlSaad

Entrepreneur and spiritual Economist, Global Palestine, Global Brain App, Autodidactic Self-researcher

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