Albaydar, a visionary master plan to support constructing World Peace and NewEarth


In this article, I am proposing a strategy that supports gathering humanity around the purpose to end poverty, monetary slavery, climate change, and separation in the world through developing an App that works as a vertical community market- and solidarity space, where responsible consumers will direct-purchase regenerative goods from the global south without a middleman avoiding any capitalistic interaction! And from there to build the Global Brain Application that connects and organizes humanity, resources, and operates global consciousness effectively, transforming the world into one interconnected fractal civilization.

The foreseen technology platform or App coined here as “Albaydar” (Arabic for the ancient threshing floor) will initially enable orders from each developing country to be bundled and delivered to a non-profit consumer community hub address given at order submission by a purchasing group.

When consumers have direct contact with regenerative producers and suppliers, self-organized grassroots development and regenerative growth will take place. This constellation will support closing the North-South gap and foster peace around the world.
Spanning the logistics architecture for this solution around the world will build a grid or a skeleton for further complexities and application layers to be added on top with the help of Holochain.

The foundation pillars of the emerging Global Brain Application out of this regenerative connectivity space are 7 nested “heavens” for consciousness coordinated operation. Each layer/heaven is mapping users to a predefined region of creation that are mirroring the demand and quests on that particular layer;
1. Neighborhood, 2. Postal District/Village, 3. City/Villages-Bund, 4. Governorate, 5. State, 6. Large BioRegion/SubContental, 7. Global!

We can add a temporary eighth layer after the 5th representing countries until we have managed to transform the world into one human family without national borders.

This drafted human-centered design considers Creation and Quest as instant conscious energy that is coming from the same source in the HUMAN heart BioField that humanity is linked to through the responsive platform.

Users will need a unified collective sense-making script to handle the quests on each layer to co-create. Therefore, I am proposing the 3-steps-Formula where a wiki-system for questions and answers is used to process quests. By simply marking the blocking questions with red, it will align the attention of the swarm to provide the answer without the need for any onboarding or project history. This is a way to cool the conscious energy in each heaven and let it rain to create.

The fact that this design concept is connecting everything simultaneously, bioregions of the earth and humans, no need for memory systems! What we will co-create together is the true memory we will see. This way, we keep ourselves linked to the source of creation, and becoming creation itself!

This video which I recorded after writing the article explains present the concept as NewEarth Operating System Activation Plan: Part 1, Part 2

Disrupting the pyramidal wealth skyscraper of uncontrolled capitalism in a world of abundant regenerative resources and possibilities

Our Planet is suffering. Billions of our fellow human beings have to survive on less than $10 per day in regions of conflicts and crises, while 1% of the world population holds 50% of the world’s wealth and 70% of the world population has less than 10k USD wealth in comparison, despite hundreds of millions living on debt. That concentrated wealth in bank accounts is originated by valuable limited natural resources and human power, which is driven by the culture of absurd growth and consumption for profit as my friend Arthur Brock often said.

Our civilization’s Gaussian pyramid configuration constructed by uncontrolled capitalism is the root cause of this reality.

Its base mostly consists of people with high potential, often marginalized farmers, and artisans, using their hands to create art and produce food, adding unspoken value to their cultures who must deal with undependable marketplaces in regions of corruption, conflicts, and crises that are in favor of the developed world trading and wealth. The majority of them are either unemployed or have to enslave their human power and spirit in service of the wealthy instead of being empowered to build their local regenerative economies they own.

Despite the fact every year, millions more are forced into exile in the west from these harsh conditions, longing to serve their homelands. This niche will play a significant role in the proposed Albaydar project.

Albaydar is building on self-reconstruction of our planet by people through Vertical Economy, Solidarity and enfranchising Responsible Consumerism through direct regenerative FairExchange with the global south

Albaydar is eliminating the traditional trading from the international market for regenerative products by building a global solidarity and engagement MarketSpace driven by purpose and community, that aims to end poverty, monetary slavery, inequality, and separation in the world.

It is re-engineering the global regenerative goods supply-chain dominated by profit-oriented intermediaries through connecting members and fellows of thousands of western non-profit community hubs (such as social and cultural clubs, charities, unions, fairtrade shops, and impact hubs) to arrange bundle orders of regenerative products directly from multiple suppliers in a specific developing country, which when are ready for shipment, will be split and re-bundled at an export-gateway and shipped to the intended hubs in a certain market territory like the EU, the US, and Canada. The involved community hubs are stakeholders of Albaydar and will earn a provision for providing the collection service, which will help them to finance their community activities and projects.

The natives with a migration background in western exile are the main part of Albaydar potential large responsible customer leads as they are often organized in such community hubs and yearn for their ancestral homelands products, and mostly driven to leverage the power of their procurement.

Albaydar is tapping in a huge market- and solidarity space of a grassroots economy and responsible consumerism, in a traditional market, where the supply chain is dominated by big intermediaries that are taking and accumulating most of the profit and where consumers have no direct link to know the producers and engage with them supporting them with their needs. With our future country Representatives, we aim also to support any small producers group cooperatives in our supplier countries to get their products ready for export and help finance any regenerative operations without any interest. The profit will be generated will directly be reinvested in new regenerative businesses.

Albaydar comes into the picture as an impact space that redefines how regenerative goods and services can be properly valued, and how the local marketplace can easily become global with a relatively simple four-tiered approach.

Tier One consists of producers. These can be farmers, artisans, artists including book writers, or any craftsmen or women who produce regenerative goods that are at the heart of any culturally based economy. Albaydar will maintain a directory of their products, their stories, challenges, and social space to interact with Albaydar global community through the platform.

Tier Two consists of the processors/brand suppliers, Albaydar legal partners, who interface with the producers to prepare their ingredients and products ready for export and agree to work in full transparency.

Tier Three Consumers local groups in the West, who initiate bundle orders through the planned eCommerce solution. They are mostly connected to Non-profit Community Hubs at their locality to be chosen as the delivery address for the goods. Those can be existing non-profit unions or charities, or an emerging one, or just a trusted address the group agrees on, which fulfill certain conditions to receive and store the bundle pallette. The customers can not only pick up the purchase there when orders arrive, but they can also organize around the hub to provide their own cultural community practices, blending local social needs with ancestral roots. The group can set a donation wallet for the Community Hub per each bundle order to process more projects with impact in their area.

Tier Four An infinite space of new applications, interfaces, and regenerative business partnerships that can evolve through the mentioned three tiers. We are planning to build on Holo-REA technology for that.

How does it work?

Below is a preview of the logistics and order processing planned for software modeling

Order types

An order can be

  1. “Click and Collect” Bundle order from consumers who receive their purchase through a community hub by their choice. They will be notified about the order’s progress, till it arrives destination. Orders from different community hubs in a certain market territory like the EU to certain suppliers’ countries will have to reach a minimum volume and a minimum value per hub so that the order will be processed.
    Ordered items will be delivered in complete boxes like in wholesale. A script will complete any amount to have complete boxes. The difference will be an order for the sake of the community hub. User Groups can also create a bundle order according to norms and collect it by the group admin. This admin role can rotate by a smart contract function.
  2. Bulk order that meets the minimal metrics from a certified agent like a non-profit Fairtrade shop or Unpackaged shop.

Each order cycle from a specific country will be transparent for all so that when a batch is reached (One 40 feet container) the partial orders will be triggered and be prepared for shipment.

Purchase orders cycle, batching, splitting and re/bundling

Bundled Community Hub Order
An order consists of several available items from different suppliers listed at the source country marketplace. When the sum of users' individual orders through a community hub reaches the needed threshold, the hub admin will be notified to process the order through the App.

Bundled Demand Territory Order
When the sum of several hubs orders in a market territory like the EU is reached after supplier confirmation of at least one 40 foot container, the order cycle can be closed and an order batch number is given. A new order cycle can then take place.

The following operations are taking place to get an order batch

  1. Running Boxing scrip for each community hub
    Goods in this sector are usually prepared for export in wholesale boxes that contains several items or in bulk, therefore a feature will handle boxing completion by the purchase group.
  2. Partial Community Hubs orders splitting and bundling
    When a country batch is completed the system will split and gather each supplier’s partial order and send it to them for further confirmation.

Post-production and shipment

When products are ready for shipment at the supplier side, they will be collected from each supplier to a predefined country shipment Gateway. For resources efficiency, the GateWay function can rotate between a registered supplier who will be paid a fixed percentage for commissioning. Process efficiency and timing can be improved over time by applying AI and IoT features.
When the batch orders are collected at the GateWay they will be split and re-bundled on palettes for each Community Hub destination ready for loading and shipment to the next port.
When order contingent batch(s) arrived at the port destination the Community Hubs palettes will be further distributed per land transport.

This video explains the process above

Management Characteristics, Scalability and Milestones

Key to the management of Albaydar as non-profit Enterprise is an ethical foundation that ensures it works for everyone. A transparent management layer would ensure that costs and pricing are visible and any profit is distributed fairly to all stakeholders, no matter which tier they represent. The term cultural fairchain describes the standard sought by Albaydar.

As a non-profit company (legal setting are not finalized yet) we are planning to reinvest our profit in new regenerative businesses on the supplier side by giving credits with no interest to producers new projects and other businesses that will emerge through collaboration with our partners and sponsoring activities in the common good sphere. We are envisioning a self-operated and -owned platform by all its users.

In order to prove the concept and build the technical platform, Albaydar is intending to launch a Pilot test/MVP with supply Nativity from Palestine, which has a high expat community in the diaspora and huge solidarity network. Maybe another country is interested to support running an MVP as well. We are open source!

During that, we will be building the alpha version and management guidelines of the platform and relationship with other countries to be part of the marketspace when it is ready. We will be part of the work of other actors and a larger network and parity market of a global for-benefit regenerative grassroots economy to accelerate and support the global SDGs.


Phase 1: PoC/MVP, Community Activation & Mapping
Landing page with user groups subscription we are activating Albayder, mapping demand and supply and Building its community and showing them on a map. Check figma design. The website is under construction.

In addition Proof of Concept is under development with one supplier from Palestine Looking for technical support to build the eShop to organize the first 40 foot container.

Phase 2: App beta development and Operation Model
Enhancing the Software and introducing smart contracts to handle group bundle orders in Germany and other EU countries from multiple suppliers and their regenerative Products in Palestine.
Releasing the enterprise Operation Model for the EU market requirements for further scalability in new supplier countries.

Phase 3: Upgrade and Expand EU
Build supply logistics and agreements with new Arabic countries, test and upgrade, rollout orders from the EU to these regions.

Phase 4: Update and connect Africa, South Asia, and Latin America
Build supply logistics and agreements automation for supply regions in Africa, South Asia, and Latin America supply to the EU.

Phase 5: Global Expansion including the US and Canada, North America Operation Model
Adding the US and Canada as target market

Albaydar helps reach all SDGs by 2022 instead of 2030!

Imagine a seamless direct purchase from a 1.3 Billion population market size in the developed countries in which 70% of consumers prefer ethical consumption! These are approximately 200 Million households! By a purchase of 100 Euro per month, it is 20 Billion Euro Total Available Market per month! By a proper setup, this number can easily grow exponentially to hit 1 Trillion Euro turnover p.a., so that the regenerative productive society in the global south and local Community Hubs in the “West/North” can thrive.

Goal -1 No Poverty Goal -2 Zero Hunger
By 2022 we will expand in most of the developing countries around the world which will enable responsible consumers to boost self-owned regenerative economies of the poor by purchasing their products and paying them directly in fair prices. Giving value to the regenerative resources-based economy will transform the conventional economic equation and money system by motivating more communities to develop self-sufficiency systems and surplus for the global marketplace Albaydar will be running. Hunger should then become history.

Goal -3 Good Health and Wellbeing -6 Clean Water and Sanitation
Empowering local economies through regenerative production supported by direct ownership of a global marketplace will improve the economic situation and well-being of these communities and enable them to establish with the help of a global community appropriate health care systems. Other basic needs like the availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all will be met as well through community economic resilience.

Goal -4 Quality Education Goal
Albaydar platform will help build a global community that cares about its mutual needs. Once the regenerative infrastructure of Albaydar is active, a direct channel of solidarity to all involved productive communities is established to support remotely any of their needs.

Goal -5 Gender Equality Goal -8 Decent Work and Economic Growth
Most of the workers in the small scale agricultural production are women that are not fairly paid. Albaydar will establish the possibility for women to be independent economically and be freed of oppression.
The fact that Albaydar is investing in the regenerative and sustainable sphere that has infinite growth boundaries will offer everyone decent work access to be involved in the economic processes taking place within.

Goal -7 Affordable and Clean Energy
Access to regenerative Energy supply within an economic approach will need to be met. This will be one of our re-investments together with our alliance in each country we will operate in.

Goal -9 Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure
Throughout supplying the global market with regenerative products will help to emerge a resilient infrastructure for sustainable and appropriate industrialization that foster innovation in the regenerative economy. There is huge potential to replace manufactured food supplements with natural one for example that need a lot of research and innovation. Building a world on demand is supported by new internet technologies like IoT and AI to optimize logistics.

Goal -10 Reduced Inequality
By building a decentralized organic supply chain from the south to the north, wealth will be rebundled and capital will move directly from responsible consumers to productive marginalized producers within the regenerative sphere. The gap of inequality will be closed in the world.

Goal -11 Sustainable Cities and Communities
The fact that non-profit community hubs in the west will have also benefits through the planned platform through profit-sharing and inviting more members to engage with them, not only for collecting their purchase, will help make cities and human settlements more inclusive, resilient and sustainable. This fact will be mirrored all over the world after developing countries crossed the threshold of development and economic equality.

Goal -12 Responsible Consumption and Production
Our main driver. We build our business model on sustainable consumption and production patterns.

Goal -13 Climate Action
It is known that working with the soil decreases CO2. Unused rural areas are great substances for generative growth that decrease involvement in ethics-less industrial businesses and modern money slavery.

Goal -14 Life Below Water
We will take distance from any destructive products and businesses that harm life, over the planet or below water. We will demand high aspects from our logistic suppliers regarding their operational ecological footprint supporting Carbon Neutrality. Furthermore, we will sponsor any production that conserves marine resources for sustainable development.

Goal -15 Life on Land
One main side effect of shifting economies to become regenerative will promote producers to protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, combat desertification and halt biodiversity loss. All of these are considered essential assets in the regenerative business field.

Goal -16 Peace and Justice Strong Institutions
Albaydar is approaching a thrivable world with human-based, and community-driven regenerative demand. People should take responsibility for each other and build organic institutions that empower them. Often this is not possible because of economic deficits. Once this is achieved through the engagement of Albaydar and our global alliance, peaceful and inclusive societies will emerge, providing access to justice for all. Injustice is a system failure, not a choice. Our role to help to fix it and building on top of what has been achieved so far in our human history.

Goal -17 Partnerships to achieve the Goal
We are building systems based on the principles of open collaboration, transparency, and trust.
Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for thrivable communities around the world is the core of our values. Only together we will overcome it.

Users and Global Brain Bioregions

The story behind Albaydar, is the question about how to connect people with their homelands, organize people beyond borders and authoritarian systems. In 2006 was the first time I put together an architecture to network Palestinians in the so-called Global-Palestine, which I have found to be a valid thought for the whole of humanity especially after getting to know the Global Brain metaphor by Mr. Peter Russel in 2008!

7 Heavens for consciousness coordinated operation

The rough architecture is simple, as pre-explained in the summary.

We start with giving each user a string (or key), that spans from the neighborhood he chooses, which is often his real living place, Heaven/Layer 1, which will define the upper engagement layers.

  1. Neighborhood, 2. postal District/Village, 3. City/Villages-Bund, 4. Governorate, 5. State, 6. Large BioRegion/SubContental, 7. Global!
Bioregional civilization replacing national states in layer 5

There are many concepts for mapping such layers, most important to agree on the best one and start with low complexity that will grow over time!

The fractal NewEarth Civilisation

This configuration represents the fractal civilization of one interconnected NewEarth society. Below are illustrations of how the person in the inner circle or mandala is part of the whole and can interact on any issue or topic on the 7 cocreation layers. It matches the sacred pattern of the flower life. My PC hardly managed to draw the circle that represents all levels till level 6, but couldn't draw for level 7, which is the same fractal pattern.

Level 1–4, Level 1–5, Level 1–6
Flower of Life

If the smallest circle has X ppl, the sum is X*7(power7). By X=100 the sum is 82.354.300 persons!

Every circle or mandala is sovereign, has its own federation as “Shura” system, and is open for integral collaboration using the same collab script like beehives, asynchronous and asynchronous! Circles or mandals within one circle or mother mandala coordinate their topic with the same scrip and move new quests for creation to the appropriate level of the 7 when they pop up in the mind and are unique. You can imagine every human mind in this configuration at the tip of an inverted pyramid, the wider consciousness operation expands from one level to another, the wide is the base of the pyramid. The sum of the fractals is the Great Pyramid of Consciousness in Operation. And when we add more layers and widen the angle, you will see that it is universal and flat, clapping heaven and earth in oneness.

The inverted Great Pyramid of Consciousness

Anyone who would like to explore this further or can help draw an updated version of it (3D shows the involved pyramids) pls send contact me.

At the core of the co-creation engine: An integral collaboration script in light agility like consciousness itself

In my latest article on this topic couple of years ago on Medium, I have described the 3-steps-formula that turns conscious thoughts into actions and creation.

Like swarms and colonies, we need a very simple set of roles to reach the highest potential individually and collectively throughout the prolapse structure. Today I have improved the methodology but still include the main 3 steps (google slide).

Here again, the Three Steps take place in each sprint:

  1. Define: mission to achieve/issue to discuss/case to investigate (the purpose of collaboration) of collective sensemaking
  2. Brainstorm precise and unique questions that are befitting to mission completion. Review and sort in Milestones (see below) together before 3.
  3. Answer the questions together. New relevant questions can be add as well. Document and make results available for the next sprint.

It is important to use the same collab script, this or another one, on each layer. Missions and quests will be mapped from the bottom layer upwards. To utilize collective intelligence, both synchronicity and a-synchronicity are required.
Decisions on Layer 1 can take place on a daily basis, but then when it comes to coordination on Layer 2 more time is needed, say on weekly basis. There layer 2 related issues will be agreed and processed, but also topics/quests related to Layer 3 will be discussed and newly added to be coordinated on that layer for example on tow-weeks basic. Etc.

The result as u see is a human-centered learning machine, something I tough about it instinctively in 2006 without knowing or reading about AI or ML. My background is in electrical engineering and most of my work is based on autodidactic intuitive self-research. I hope it touches some truth at the end. But I can not judge on that, because I am not academic in any way, and do not read books to compare my findings with known scientists.

If you are interested to reach out:

Thanks for paying attention to this work and looking forward to your support!
Wael Alsaad



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