The Seed of Global Brain Application Is An Integral Collaboration Formula

First of all I would like to thank everyone I have met along 20 years journey which seems to reach destination, especially Michael Josefowicz who helped me in the last intellectual sprint.
The Seed is ripe now and ready to grow. It needs a drop of energy from each one of you. We don’t have to design the Global Brain Application or the core of the Matrix of Healing, Truth and Love described in my other article, but to use a scaffold integral collaboration formula which brings us there. The current challenge is to use the formula to design the mass-construction application.

Collaboration as Integral Approach
Imagine people having the space to express and act through their inner deep beliefs as humans. Change is then no longer a topic or process. It’s just a shift triggered by the ecology that our mind is dealing with.
Humans have an inner code for truth and love, but it is nonfunctional in general. The reason is that our political systems and social setup ecology keep our consciousness poisoned in thought and memory, creating greed, fear, conformity, follower-ship and scarcity. Here I speak more about the underdeveloped world. But when we collaborate, having our minds busy with the same mission, this is not an issue any more. Why?
Because having a collective mission within a group (swarm), which reflects our inner beliefs, urgency, needs, wishes or interests, is shifting our minds and hearts through collaboration to be integrally awakened humans. When true collaboration takes place, it has great qualities: people listen to each other, perform dialogues, integrate different points of view towards new, open results. In the very focused moment of collaboration we are shaping the Now. Thoughts and memories are replaced mostly by consciousness.
That’s why the way we collaborate can be a way of building integral culture globally and locally. Thus collaboration puts consciousness as intellectual currency in action.

The Seed: Heaven2Click Aِِِpp! (H2C)
Developing a Global Navigator Ecology for Integral Collaboration and Human Intelligence in Action based on 3StepsFormula #3SF bellow.
This document describes a conceptual framework to develop a holistic collaboration application which will bring rapid and radical change to our world and humanity.

The 3 Pillars for the Project:
I. Who We Are?
We are not only physical creations, we are where our consciousness is!
Glocal; Humans can think globally and locally, act locally and globally through the internet (and prayers). We are a global community of communities seeking/lacking a holistic collaboration ecology to work efficiently with maximum synergy on our challenges and missions of all sizes.
We are a huge swarm of swarms which can act with agility to serve anyone or any group of the swarm and serve our earth and all nature.

II. The 3 Steps Universal Integral Collaboration Formula
It has simplicity, a/synchronous, universal and scalable applications wherever needed:
Step 1. Identify a collaborative mission and agree upon it.
Step 2. Together search for questions relating to the stage of collaboration of the mission.
Step 3. Collectively answer the questions set in step 2. , summarize and document.
Repeat if needed. #SSQQF command means; swarm sprint to question the questions according to the formula and answer them.
The idea is that every one or group defines a mission within a map. The formula of answering questions raised to that mission will spare the decision making process as the plans will emerge from collective answers on the move. When the swarm/group engage in searching for questions for a specific mission it will become liquid democracy and human intelligence currency in action. More about 3SF here

III. The Holistic Collaboration Technical Ecology
Glocal Swarm Sprints Navigator #GSSN build through 3 maps:
I. Community Development Map #CDM. A thematic pattern-language map for Cognition in Action through collaboration
II. Geographical Action Map #GAM. To map where there are actions on the ground.
III. Users Spaces Map #USM. A social and educational network map around culture, science, competences, neighborhood and locality.

The tool UI will assist anyone or any group to collaborate intuitively anywhere, connect #P2P, socially along collaboration and empower individuals as well as communities. The output and results will feed the Platform Ecology so that it’s turned into human centred deep learning machine, the Global Brain Application. More about H2C here.

To work on the concept you are invited to the #3SF a collaboration sprint#1 by clicking on this link #H2C #SSQQF1 to answer the existing questions or to put new one for you and others to answer.


Wael Alsaad

Entrepreneur and spiritual Economist, Global Palestine, Global Brain App, Autodidactic Self-researcher

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